This is the part where I drop a big, fat, disclaimer on you guys regarding my qualifications and thus the credibility of my posts.

I. Sell. Guitarrrrrrrrrs.

That’s how I make my living (well, I sell other audio gear too). I don’t work for the church and I don’t claim to always represent it’s official doctrine. I’m not a theologian. I’ve never been a Bishop or Elders Quorum President. Under no circumstances should I ever be referred to as a scholar… in fact, I’m not even all that very good in the writng slash speelling side of thethings.

“Yes, it’s true… I may not have a lot of experience fighting or leading or coming up with plans. Or having ideas in general. In fact, I’m not all that smart. And I’m not what you’d call the creative type. Plus, generally unskilled… I know what you’re thinking: He is the least qualified person in the world to lead us. And you are right!”
– Emmit (the Lego)

“But Adam! Why on earth would you start a blog if you don’t know anything?!… oh and I like your shoes.”
Thanks, they’re new!
And the reason I decided to start a blog is because I am… a sponge.


Note: I’m going to ride this sponge analogy until it dies an agonizing death so if you’re pressed for time… well, what the heck are you doing here? Anyway, for this analogy, let Sponge = Adam and Liquid = Wisdom/Knowledge (now solve for X… or something) (ahhhh math humor, a time-honored method for never having another person read your blog ever again).

Throughout my life as a sponge, I have been blessed beyond measure to associate with people who leak like crazy! My dad leaks, my mom leaks, my brother leaks a lot (figuratively and literally). My friends leak, my bosses leak, my church leaders and peers leak. Oh, and my Mission President leaked like a sieve!… like, everywhere. Fortunately, my pores and I were there to happily soak it all up.

What’s really cool about sponges (said no one ever) is that since they’re soaking up liquid from multiple sources they will, on occasion, inadvertently create a brand new liquid all on their own! And what a proud day it is for this little invertebrate. If I could walk, you better believe I’d be struttin’!
… hmm, The Struttin’ Sponges. Not a terrible band name.

Ok, I need to wrap this up.

So this blog will primarily consist of the liquidy goodness that I’ve picked up from others along the way. I’ll give credit to “the one who first leaked it” as much as possible but unfortunately, I already know that that I’ve forgotten much of what I’ve soaked up from who. So if you see something on here that you think may have seeped out of you at some point (oh great now it’s seeping?!) the please just let me know and I’ll gladly blame it on you.

So live long and perspire! You never know how much it might effect others… no that doesn’t sound like good advice.

Umm… Keep on leaking…. your juices…. at… uh………. people.

dang it.

I knew I should have just ended this after the Lego quote.


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