Hollywood or Bust

I can’t really explain why, but for whatever reason, I’m a little bit ashamed to tell people what I do for a living. I have no ill feelings to other people who do what I do. I don’t look down on them in any way. I guess I just never really pictured myself doing what I do. 

“Out with it already! What do you do and why should we care?” 

Hello, my name is Adam… and I’m a bus driver. 

Anyway, I know I should be grateful for even having a job, and I am, but this blog post isn’t about being grateful. I’d like to share an experience I had recently while working. 

I drive charter buses (motor coaches to be specific) and one night my job was to take a group of about 45 people from their resort to the Hollywood Studios theme park. I had studied the route ahead of time because I’m not allowed to use my phone or GPS while driving. Everything was going well as we came within a few miles of our destination. But then I came upon some construction that completely changed the path that I had previously studied. Eventually I came to a fork in the road. 

Straight ahead, it appeared as though the road led to absolutely nowhere. There were no signs. No streetlights. Nothing but a road that faded out of existence as soon as it extended past the reach of my headlights. 

To the right I saw two large signs that read “To Hollywood Studios”. Above the trees I could see the lights of the theme park and the last few seconds of their nightly firework show. 

I’m going to pause the story here for a second and explain something. If you want to feel a crushing sense of pressure, try being responsible for transporting a few dozen strangers who have all paid exorbitant amounts of money to come here and have a great time and who are expecting their “professional” driver to get them their safely and efficiently. I’m sure that not everyone would feel such pressure but, as one who is a bit of a “people pleaser”, this is the stuff of nightmares. 

So I’m coming up to the fork in the road and for some reason I feel like I should hold my course and stay straight. This is obviously confusing to me so I say a quick prayer for help. My brain is screaming at me “why is this even a question?! Follow the signs, you dingus!!!” but for some reason my arms just wouldn’t turn the wheel. My eyes kept darting back and forth between the road to Hollywood Studios and the road to the unemployment office. 

As this mental struggle was taking place, I eventually noticed that my bus had coasted right past the exit. 

… I’m doomed. 

I started preparing an apology and explanation that I will have to stand and deliver over the intercom but then the dark road makes an unexpected curve to the right. I follow the curve and immediately begin to recognize where I am. And not only do I know where I am but the sign saying “Hollywood Studios Bus Parking” lets me know that I’m exactly where I need to be! 

I found out later that the path to the right was the road that guests are to take when attending the park but there is no bus parking in that lot. The buses need to go around the park to the back where there is room for them to park and unload their passengers. 

As people are exiting the bus, they are thanking me for a smooth ride. Ironically, I remember being pretty annoyed by their praises because they were interrupting me trying to offer my thanks to God for the very same thing. 

Well, like always. This is getting a little long winded. So lets get to the moral of the story. 

To those who don’t believe in God. There is no logical reason for me to have not followed the signs. I was on a road I had never been on before. I was under a great amount of pressure to make the right choice and was frantically searching for something, anything, to help me know which way to go… how about two huge signs and a fireworks display? This cannot be chalked up to coincidence or luck.

To those who do believe in God. There will be times when staying on the straight and narrow makes no logical sense whatsoever. There will be times when your brain will be screaming at you “why is this even a question?! Follow your friends, you dingus!!!” 

There will be times when holding fast to your testimony makes no logical sense. Even in the face of seemingly incontrovertible evidence against the truthfulness of the restored gospel, you’ll find yourself feeling like you should stay your course even though the way ahead seems void of any confirmation or help. 

“The Lord typically gives direction without explanation. But if we’re faithful, we usually receive confirmation.” – President Huff (my amazing Mission President)

I know that revelation from God though the Holy Ghost is real. I know that it takes a lot of practice and preparation to be able to recognize the promptings when they are given. I know that, at times, following these promptings takes a great deal of courage and faith. And I know that the world will say “it makes no logical sense” to believe the way you do, but if you stay straight, I know that you will eventually receive confirmation of your choice and have peace in knowing that you’re right where you need to be. 


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