Faith and Failing Hearts

A couple months back, a critic of the church asked me if I ever doubt my faith. As is common when answering a thought provoking question, I learned something about myself from the answer.

I told him that as a member of the 3rd most hated religion in America I certainly have had many opportunities to doubt my faith. Most frequently these opportunities come from church critics but any serious doubts I’ve had only came during times of extreme loss or hardship.

“Some of the greatest battles you will face will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul”
– Ezra Taft Benson

Recently I have noticed a new (and more positive) trend. Rarely do I doubt my faith but I question it much more often.

Almost daily, I’m presented with a question about my faith from someone who, through their carefully crafted questions, seem to be more concerned with tearing my faith down than they are with building theirs up. I have learned to become grateful for these interactions because they will often prompt a deeper more honest study into doctrine and history which may not be very comfortable (and thus not something I’d probably seek out otherwise).

There are times when a question will, like a virus, infect a portion of our soul. Like any other infection, it is unwise to simply ignore it and convince ourselves that it will heal on its own.

Throughout my studying, I find it critically important to acknowledge the things I don’t yet know while holding fast to the things that I do know just as intensely.

It’s in these time when I have to remember the most basic things that I do know.

• My family loves me and I love them.
• When I have followed the commandments in the past I have seen evidence of God in my life.
• If God is there then He is my Father.
• If He is my Father than He must love me.
• If He loves me then I can’t imagine that He would suffer me to dwell in darkness and uncertainty.
• If that’s the case, then I must believe that if I keep studying, with faith, that I will eventually find an answer.

Hence the purpose of this blog. To respect the tough questions while staying true to the things already known. Check back from time to time and I’ll offer my 2 cents on some of the more controversial questions the LDS members face as well as some faith promoting thoughts/insights I may have or come across.


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One thought on “Faith and Failing Hearts

  1. Carson says:

    Thanks for sharing. I know the feeling of having some critique or question my faith. It’s this itchiness inside. I realized something at the last Gen Conf though. I won’t let someone else’s opinion alter my actions. You put it best. I’ve seen results from living the gospel. I can’t let doubt overshadow the goodness I receive. If any man will do his will he will know of the doctrine whether it be of God.

    Again, thank you for sharing and I look forward to future posts.

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